Roles Vs Labels

MenTellHealthRecently I had the pleasure of guest writing for Men Tell Health which is an organisation that aids and supports men that are affected by mental health.

As they state on their website if you’re not a man or don’t suffer with mental health issues that doesn’t mean you’re not welcome. Absolutely not. Maybe you’re a guy who cares for a partner, sibling or parent with mental health issues.

Perhaps you suffer with some form of mental illness yourself or simply love, look after or even just know a man who does, there will be something on their site for you.

Please show your support by visiting them at

Roles Vs Labels

We all fulfill numerous roles in life. Two of my many roles in life are that of being a father and a mental health nurse. I take pride in both these roles.

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I am an alienated parent of three. Part-time psychiatric nurse, part-time writer. I am also an online activist against parental alienation. I use my knowledge of mental health and lived experience of parental alienation to promote awareness of parental alienation.


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