A Birthday, an Alienated One

Today, October 15,  my daughter turns five.

I will call her using my tablet, that’s our channel.

I hope the tablet is turned on.

If the tablet is on, I hope she hears it and is allowed to answer.

It’s been like this since February. A period after which the terrible and sinister powers of parental alienation descended upon us.

I feel sadness and more importantly, I feel for my two children. Who are the true victims, knowing they wish to see their father  yet their mother has other plans… Vindictive plans I must make clear.

Nothing justifies this, nothing.

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I am an alienated parent of three. Part-time psychiatric nurse, part-time writer. I am also an online activist against parental alienation. I use my knowledge of mental health and lived experience of parental alienation to promote awareness of parental alienation.



  1. I feel your pain,my friend. I feel your frustration at the lost time and not being included in her birthday. I feel the emptiness that goes with not being able to connect with your daughter. But you are not alone. I thought I was alone until I met with good people like yourself. Always remember, keep whatever contact you can, as eventually your daughter will want to know where you are and that you want to be in her life. But we all feel your loss, and we all know how you are feeling. I send you nothing but strength for the times ahead, and recognition that others know and are working towards this ending. Happy birthday My friend

    • your words bring encouragement, thank you very much.

      also, the fact that we are not alone in this struggle is a positive sign and beneficial. At the same time, this cannot be interpreted as a normality, a fact of life or c’est la vie.
      We cannot be passive. And I think this is one of my concerns: I’m too passive.

  2. This makes me cry..my son has been alienated from his 2 year olds son’s life…resulting in all of my son’s side of the family being shunned. So cruel..I can barely function some days just thinking about my little grandson and hoping he does not think we have all just abandoned him..Christmas coming but what joy will there be.?.