What If?

My husband and I are alienated grandparents. We have both been denied contact with our beloved grandchildren since 2016.. We are aged eighty and seventy nine respectively. So we are not young grandparents.

So as if being alienated from our beautiful, special grandchildren we love was not bad enough and knowing that the alienation can go on for many years yet, what is far worse for me, are the thoughts that dominate my mind…

  • What if we never get to see our beautiful grandchildren ever again?
  • What if we never get to hug them again?
  • What if they never know how much we loved them and missed them and prayed that this nightmare would soon be over?
  • What if they never get to hear the truth after having been told so many lies about us, by their mother? How will they feel?
  • What if in the end, we do not get to hug each other or get to share the love we have for each other ever again? What will it do to them? How will they feel when they are adults? Will they think of all the years we will have missed of being together with them?

This is akin to a horrible social disease; because that is what parental alienation is; a social disease, and it destroys so many many lives.

Predominantly the lives of the children.

Will anyone ever find a solution for this disease? Will it  ever be seen for what it is? It is child abuse, plain and simple. When will the perpetrators of parental alienation be held accountable for their  crimes?


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