Parental Alienation; the Other Day I Challenged a Flying Monkey…

Another anonymous contribution from an alienated parent and their recent experience of challenging a flying monkey.

[Please note the following content contains some expletive words.]

The other day I ended up unintentionally challenging a flying monkey. There may be some of you that are not familiar with the term flying monkey within the context of parental alienation.

Flying monkeys are the alienating parent’s minions, enablers. The alienating parent will use their flying monkeys to spread their smear campaign (which will be against the targeted/alienated parent) to a far wider audience.

Some flying monkeys don’t even realise what they are doing and the damage that they are causing. On the other hand some flying monkeys know exactly what they are doing and in my opinion such individuals are emotionally unstable themselves and benefit from the praise and recognition they receive from the alienating parent for aiding and abetting in the smear campaign.

So where was I with my brief story?

So I rang a family member the other day. I did not ring with the intention of challenging anyone. However while I was talking to said family member I could hear in the background words to the effect of “tell that fucking cunt to fuck off!”

People around me say that I am very laid back. Maybe it was these qualities that initially attracted my ex to me; who has subsequently alienated my children against me. Anyway, as laid back as I am, I will also always stand up for myself.

So I asked the family member who had picked up the phone, if they could please pass the phone over to the individual who was swearing at me. They understandably asked why. My reply was that the individual that was verbally abusing me clearly wanted to say something to me, and I would be able to hear them much better if I was actually speaking to them directly on the phone.

So the phone was passed to this individual and we engaged in a dialogue. The following is a small extract of said dialogue:

Flying monkey: “What the fuck do you want pal?” This was said it a very hostile manner.

Me: “Well you clearly indicated that you wanted to talk to me from what I heard you shouting just now. So here I am. What would you like to say to me?”

Flying monkey: “If you wanted to walk out on your ex and kids, that’s your business. I grew up without a dad. Good luck to your kids mate.” The tone was very sarcastic.

Me: “Okay, so if it is my business and not yours why do you have to verbally abuse me about it?”

Flying monkey: “I used to have a lot time for you Joe. I used to respect you. But after what you did to your family, no way mate, I don’t want anything to do thing you, you can just fuck off as far as I am concerned.”

Me: “Okay I have a question for you; where did you get this version of events from that I walked out on my family?”

Flying monkey: “Janet told me.”

Me: “Okay. Next question; did you hear the second version of events that came from Janet? What I mean by this is, Janet believed a false narrative of events. It wasn’t her thought, she was told this by my ex. However she subsequently found out the true version of events. What I am asking is are you aware of the true version of events concerning my separation?”

Flying monkey: “I don’t give a shit to be honest. I know all I need to know. I’m not interested in any other version of events. You’re a cunt and you simply need to fuck off.”

Well at this point in the dialogue I remembered how futile it is trying to challenge an idiot.

I do recall this individual calling me a “gob-shite” and various other delightful things before I decided to end the call.

So what have I learnt from the above?

  • Flying monkeys are picked to be flying monkeys for a reason.
  • As an alienated parent, people can call me whatever they like. I simply don’t give a shit.
  • An idiot will always be an idiot.