New call for openness in family law

Louise Tickle’s second blogpost of her Open Family Court project. Thanks Louise for raising awareness of the issues that are caused by an overly private Family.



  1. I’ve just come out of a family court hearing and been ordered to stop all comments on social media about Parental Alienation. In some respects I can see what they’re trying to do.. By posting comments on Facebook about PA it’s not heard to work out to people that know me personally who it is that’s doing the alienation which is unhelpful to reducing conflict. Fair enough. BUT a blanket ban on all social media also stops me from being able to campaign, particularly on Twitter, to get laws changed where current laws are patently unfair. Where do I stand?

    • Have you been verbally ordered or court ordered. Becos I was advised by a judge to stop writing about PA online. I ignored the advice. I dont write about my case, I write to raise awareness of this and lobby for reform. Its bonkers that a judge will advise ppl like you and I to not talk about PA online, but my ex ignores all court orders that would result in contact. So I’m certainly not gonna stop writing about and supporting ppl with PA, if my ex wount even follow a court order to ordering her to let me see our children. The time for change is getting nearer, and all those with an immoral vested interest in opposing reform are aware that change is coming. And when it does arrive, my god, there’s gonna be a hell of a lot of exposure and many many people will have to account for the immoral behaviours, alienators, judges Cafcass etc.